There is only one explanation for Jesus' resurrection

There is only one explanation for Jesus' resurrection

Unlike the celebratory Palm Sunday services, Good Friday services are solemn, marking Christ's last seven sayings and footsteps towards the cross. And along with eggs the Easter bunnies, chocolate bunnies or sweets are also the part of the day.

The men volunteered to be whipped and nailed to crosses in a yearly Good Friday ritual, asking for forgiveness for their sins by experiencing the pain Jesus is believed to have endured. Peter tells us in the first reading that the disciples and each one of us is to go and preach in the name of Jesus.

It is a time when we peer into the frightening possibility, albeit temporarily, that "No God has saved this Jesus who called himself the Son", when "those sober ones.were right all along".

He charged the privileged to reach out to the less privileged to deepen the culture of true Christianity and assured the people of adequate security before, during and after the celebration.

Christians made up more than 18 percent of the population of the holy land in 1948, before Israel was created, but now they number less than two percent. "Reconciliation requires sacrifice, otherwise the relationship remains broken". "The real story of Easter is Jesus came down to earth, taught us to help the poor, love our we killed him", Kimmel shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week.

She said, "Would you hold my hand while I go to meet Jesus?" So Jesus was Born of a virgin and lived for approximately 33 or so years to the best of our knowledge.

"We wanted them to be able to celebrate that important moment with a group of believers", Belford said.

Ken Mufuka, chairman of the church council at Trinity United Methodist Church in Greenwood, is a native of Zimbabwe. Easter should be a more humble and solemn time.

In his Easter message, Dean Raffel said he hoped people would act with forgiveness and peace on Easter Sunday. This was followed by a joyous song, 'He arose.

This message of the resurrection and repentance from sin was preached 50 days later in Jerusalem. This is how coloring eggs came to be a tradition because back then, they were saved, decorated, and given to children as Easter gifts. Numerous mostly impoverished penitents undergo the ritual to atone for sins, pray for the sick or for a better life, and to give thanks for what they believe were God-given miracles. "The tradition of wearing black cloak by men is abounded these days but the spirit of Good Friday has always been present to commutate the death of Jesus", she added.

Did you know we are not supposed to eat eggs at all during Holy Week?



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