Equal Pay Day celebrated Tues. across US

Equal Pay Day celebrated Tues. across US

April 4 symbolizes when the typical woman's earnings catch up to what a man earned the previous year, according to the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE).

The survey of 4,700 employees and 145 employers also found that 44 per cent of female employee respondents believe men and women receive equal pay, compared to 58 per cent of male employee respondents. A woman would have to work until she is 71 years old to make what a man makes by the time he is 60 years old.

States are offering creative solutions to expand protections for women and close federal loopholes in the fight to end the gender wage gap, NBC News reported.

Rally organizers say because women are now fifty percent of the workforce in Minnesota, families continue to suffer because of the wage gap.

The lemonade sold to women is being sold for 75 cents and for men, the cost is a dollar.

Black women are paid 37 percent less and Hispanic women are paid 46 percent less than men, according to census data compiled by the non-profit Lean-In.

Just a year ago, the USA median income for women was just 80 percent of the median income for men, according to the American Association of University Women.

"There are hundreds of businesses in 25 US cities offering 20 percent discounts on everything from coffee to pizza and pet supplies", Sandberg told Marketplace.

With full-time working women earning just 75 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts, State Representatives Janine Boyd and Kent Smith recently introduced House Bill 138.

That gap is more severe for minority women.

The state's largest business organization says there are already laws on the books covering pay disparities and agrees the salary history question is needed by employers.

"The projection right now is if we go at the rate that we're going it'll take another 100 years for women to be paid the same as men", Duba said. That legislation empowered women to recover wages lost to pay discrimination.



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