Trump spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman

Regional and world leaders are quick to react to the news after USA fires missiles at Syria air base. Officials say people were not targeted and the missiles hit their intended targets of the airfield and aircraft.

The U.S. has blamed the chemical weapons attack on Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has been embroiled in a civil war since 2011. "There is no solution from America, all that comes from America is chaos and blood", he said.

The Deputy Crown Prince said that the project whose foundation stone is scheduled to be laid in the beginning of 2018 and the opening of its first phase in 2022, will make a qualitative leap in the Kingdom and support the country's vision aimed at achieving more prosperity and progress for society and raising the Level of services in the capital Riyadh to become one of the top 100 cities for living in the world.

The kingdom is among the most vehement opponents of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and supports Sunni rebel groups fighting to oust him.

Both Russia and Syria have denied responsibility for a chemical attack in Idlib province on Tuesday, both suggesting that the deadly chemical weapons were part of an opposition weapons cache which was attacked by Syrian forces.

"Washington's step will inflict major damage on US-Russia ties, "Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was quoted as saying".

In Saudi Arabia, the official Saudi Press Agency reported that U.S. President Donald Trump has spoken by telephone with King Salman about the U.S. missile strike on Syria.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia's United Nations ambassador, Vladimir Safronkov, said in response to reports of a potential U.S. strike on Syria "If there is a military action, all responsibility will fall on those who have started a company so tragic and dubious".

"The destruction of Sharyat airbase marks an important step to ensure that chemical and conventional attacks against the civilian population do not go unpunished".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a brief statement early on Friday morning saying that Israel "fully supports" the USA attack.

Britain said the U.S. action was an appropriate response to the "barbaric chemical weapons attack" launched by the Syrian government, according to a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May.

Iran said today that it "strongly condemns" the attack in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also weighed in, saying that he supported the strike, calling it a "proportionate and calibrated response".

In a televised statement, he also called on Russian Federation to play its part in bringing peace to Syria.



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