Coastal Carolina University cheerleaders in prostitution scandal

Source WMBF News

Coastal Carolina University cheerleaders have been suspended amid allegations of running an escort service and working as strippers.

Documents obtained during the investigation stated that cheerleaders received from $100-$1,500 per date.

The report released pursuant to News13's Freedom of Information request includes text messages from members of the cheerleading team and also a copy of the letter mailed to university officials that started the investigation that led to the suspension of the squad. The anonymous letter sent to the university president, David DeCenzo, accused the cheerleading squad of not only being paid escorts but of being involved in underage drinking and cheating in their courses.

Though, students running an escort service would be a big enough scandal on its own.

Investigators were able to get a picture of the person who sent the letter and signed it "a concerned parent". They also reportedly received payment in the form of clothes, shoes and designer handbags.

Coastal Carolina suspended its cheerleading program amidst scandalous allegations. She also says the incidents occurred in North Carolina and both times they spent the night, but there was nothing sexual. He alleges: 1. Several girls are working at local strip clubs and also prostitute themselves out. 2.

The suspended cheerleaders are still permitted to attend class as the investigation into the accusations continues.

But in a summation of the investigation that was obtained by Deadspin and the Myrtle Beach Sun News, Coastal Carolina Police Investigator Michelyn Pylilo found that "some of the allegations in the letter were true".

An attorney representing several members of the team said she was "disgusted and angered" that the "incomplete" investigation had been released.

It's now being reported by The State in SC that certain members of the squad were paid upwards of $1,500 for dates. This goes to the heart of what is wrong with the University and its inadequate treatment of women, not only in sports but on campus.

The investigation found that some of the cheerleaders went on dates with men that were set up through, a legal website that connects younger women with so-called "Sugar Daddies" for paid dates. "We have all read about male athletes at Coastal Carolina being accused of drugs, domestic violence and rape", Lawrence's statement concluded.



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