United Kingdom woman who urinated on Trump golf course loses case

Ms Beyts said she now finds it'more difficult to go the toilet outside when on multi-day camping trips as a result of what happened

A woman who claimed damages after a worker photographed her urinating at US President Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf course has lost her case.

The officers told Beyts that three men had footage of her urinating on their mobile phones.

An Edinburgh sheriff who sat in on this case also said that Beyts should "not have been photographed".

At the time, the club was not registered under United Kingdom data protection laws and staff had used photographs taken of Beyts on their mobile phones as part of a police complaint against her which was later dropped, British media reports said.

Paul Motion QC, representing Trump Links International, said that if Beyts' claim was upheld it would have major ramifications for the "prevention of crime and the apprehension of offenders" in the future. "I believed that it was a criminal offence to do that". I was shocked not because of the criminal charge but because of the police coming to my door for what was quite a trivial incident. After being informed by the police that she was filmed by the employees of the golf course, she was "shocked" and "upset".

That day she had jumped over a burn and she "needed urgently to go to the toilet".

She said she had opposed the course from the planning stages due to environmental concerns but always protested legally.

He awarded costs of £300 - the top limit under Scotland's small claims court rules - to TIGCS.

She told the court she "needed to go as a matter of urgency" and there were no golfers visible.

He said: "She did not intend to be seen and did not think she was being observed".

He said he found Ms Beyts "credible and reliable, notwithstanding her public stance against the development at Menie" and preferred her evidence to greenskeeper Edward Irvine's, where they conflicted, as he had found him "evasive". It was then that the police charged Beyts with "public urination", according to Yahoo News. The charges against Beyts were dropped after she refused to accept a written warning, according to the Guardian.

He said her Facebook post after the event vowing "not to be intimidated" indicated the case was not mainly about her feelings.

Trump International contests Ms Beyt's claims. She alleges that the golf's employees violated data protection laws by secretly filming her urinating in sand dunes near the course. Beyts claimed the staff breached data protection laws with those images that they captured of her peeing, as they did it without her knowing about it at the time.

Sheriff Corke told the court he plans to make a decision on the case on Wednesday.



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