The Walking Dead loses survivor in season seven finale

The episode, and the season, later capped off with a similar sequence of Maggie thinking back to the man she lost to Negan. After a blaze of firefighting and some wild-cat attacking, Negan was shown fleeing the scene. And it won't be long before Negan's rule over the other communities comes to a permanent end. Upset by this news, Rick signals for Rosita to hit the explosives, but to his dismay they don't go off.

In an episode that saw many twists and turns, fans and castmembers from The Walking Dead registered their shock and overall delight with how things panned out.

But what Negan didn't know is that while Sasha was riding alone in the casket, she took the suicide pill that Eugene secretly gave her and she happily kissed her life goodbye with a series of hallucinatory dreams about Abraham.

Sasha's demise on Walking Dead was largely anticipated, set up by events on the show (which mirrored an arc that happened to a different character in the comics) as well as the fact that Martin-Green nabbed the female lead in CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery. When Rick points out that they had a deal, Jadis then reveals that Negan made her a better offer.

Why he hadn't already done so was a question The Walking Dead didn't seem terribly interested in wrestling with.

'You chose this. This is not a warning. And the Alexadrians are going to need reminding of Glenn's lessons in the days to come, because their fight with Negan is far from over. Yes, it helped Rick and company escape, but just moments later, Negan had Rick and Carl kneeled as prisoners, threatening to kill Carl and take Rick's hands for his betrayal.

So what did you think?

"He said he's Negan in front of everybody", Gimple said. For everyone else, grab your guns and prepare for battle!

The Saviours shot off a flare and deployed smoke bombs as they fled. As she prepared to trade her life for a chance at giving her friends a future, Sasha thought back to a time when Abraham told her that protecting Maggie and her unborn child had a deeper meaning than surviving day to day. Negan leans over the balcony where a group of guys are waiting, and yells, "We're going to war boys!" and is met with cheers. But there was one thing she didn't do despite knowing Sasha's fate.

Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie then addressed the remaining survivors as the season concluded.



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