[SPOILER] Dies In Upsetting Twist On 'The Walking Dead's Season 7 Finale

So when Negan went to crack open the coffin to give Rick a peek of Sasha, he was shocked to see a zombie-fied version of her lunging at him.

Martin-Green, who played Sasha Williams on the long-running zombie apocalypse series, had a major role in the Season 7 finale, providing a strategic sacrifice that caught even the villainous Negan (Morgan) off guard.

Sasha keeps quiet for a while, staring at her plate of pancakes, eggs and fruit instead. While the Alexandrians and their allies put up a good fight, Negan and a good number of Saviors were able to escape unharmed. Eugene proved, despite his claims he is "stone cold Negan", he is in fact still loyal to his friends. "It was the first time we had ever rooted for a walker but it was also attractive because the way I saw it is that warrior spirit lives on. Because I felt like it was the ideal end to my story, the flawless culmination of my life", she added. It was a twist that felt perfunctory, as Jadis had never really been a fleshed out character beyond her initial appearance.

She later broke her silence about speculation - but was still typically vague.

Earlier in the episode, we discovered that Negan concocted a secret deal with Sasha: He would return her alive to Alexandria (in a coffin!), but in exchange, Rick would have to choose one member of his group to be Lucille-d to death.

The next morning, Carol took the Kingdom and Shiva towards Alexandria. It didn't last for long.

Negan, not always the most emotionally intelligent of humans, was probably impressed.

The death in question was, unfortunately, Sasha's. Waiting for more info, discover the 5 key moments of Season Finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead. As evident throughout the entire season, it was a lot of setup for diminishing payoffs. But not you and not most people.

Showrunner Scott Gimple appeared on discussion show Talking Dead when he was asked by host Chris Hardwick to provide fans with some tantalising details of what's to come.

The episode's silver lining was Maggie's narration at the end. We met Ezekiel (swoon), watched Carl sing to Negan (terrifying), and saw Spencer get knifed (sorry not sorry, Spencer).

Not only was this speech moving from a wife to her late husband, and helped send off Glenn in a way that showcased his importance on the series as a character rather than cliffhanger fodder, but it also solidified Maggie's new place as a leader in this community.



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