You can play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

Quite simply open up Google Maps and click the lovely Ms. Pac-Man to open up the game. Upon opening the Google Maps app, there should be a pink Ms. Pac-Man icon in the bottom right of the app.

If the player's current location doesn't contain the proper geography or amount of roads to create a game area, the app selects a random location somewhere in the world.

Give it a try and check out some tweets below.

Most of Google's games quick little distractions, but I think that the fact that the company is bringing Pac-Man back shows that the idea has real legs.

April Fools' Day is a good time to stay off the internet. You can then use the arrow buttons on PC or swipe on the screen on your smartphone in order to control Ms. Pac-Man. It even works in the Google Maps smart phone app. The icon pops up in the lower left corner, and the map zooms in to the correct size to play, but nothing actually shows up.

Given that today is Friday, the temptation to procrastinate is stronger than usual, but Google Maps has seen to it that productivity is nearly certain to take a nosedive. We're not quite sure what the minimum is, but we imagine most of you will be able to load a game without issue. And, needless to say, you don't need to load this up while you're driving.



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