Twitter Will No Longer Counts Usernames Toward 140-Character Limit In Replies

Twitter removes @replies from 140-character limit

So from today, it will no longer count usernames as part of the 140 character limit when you're replying to tweets from a friend or a group. But it's also really annoying sometimes, especially when you're trying to reply to someone - since Twitter's inception, usernames have counted against the limit. Twitter product manager Sasank Reddy said in an online post.

This also means that when you click on a conversation either you, or another user, are involved in, you'll see, "replying to..." followed by the people involved in the conversation and the reply itself below that.

That, of course, has not stopped its notoriously change-averse core users from freaking out, as they are wont to do whenever Twitter takes even the most timid step away from its original user interface. However, instead of showing a person's full name, the final version sticks to their @username. But you might be confused as to who exactly you're yelling at.

CEO Jack Dorsey has historically praised the 140-character limit, calling it a "beautiful constraint" that encourages "creativity, brevity, and speed". This new reply adjustment is now rolling out to users as part of an update today.

There was some consternation previous year as rumors swirled that Twitter was set to drop its long-standing 140-character limit.

Twitter's latest changes have been met with mixed results. Usually only a handful of users could pile into a tweet (are you seeing the canoe imagery now?) before the 140 character limit. Twitter Replies is the third big update after the updates of introducing Retweet, and 140 characters of Tweet without any multimedia adds.

The benefit is that the conversation becomes more inclusive.

Providing more room in tweets is seen as a way to encourage more use and sharing of pictures, videos and links.

One solution to this problem: Twitter has added a thread-specific mute button, allowing you to block conversations you don't care about from showing up in your "mentions" tab.



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