Joss Whedon Is Set To Direct A Standalone Batgirl Movie

DC's Batgirl- Credit DC Entertainment

As reported byVariety, Joss Whedon is now in talks with Warner "write, direct, and produce" a Batgirl movie. Joss Whedon is making it. 3) Whedon's taking a pretty significant jump from creative consultant and director at Marvel to making movies (or at least a movie) for Warner Bros. After directing The Avengers, Whedon became Marvel's guru, "their sort of consigliere" as he put it in an interview a year ago. Other DC Extended Universe Films include 2013's "Man of Steel", last year's "Batman v Superman", "Suicide Squad", and the upcoming "Justice League" and "Aquaman". Here's hoping Whedon will bring his trademark socially-conscious perspective to reinventing Batgirl as a femme superheroe in the empowering tradition of the Slayer. Gotham is, of course, where the Batman series takes place.

Knowing the studio sometimes throwing characters into movies together before they've been fully established on their own - like in Batman v. Superman - it won't be surprising if Affleck's Bruce Wayne is a major figure in Whedon's Batgirl movie.

Batgirl first appeared in print back in 1967 in Detective Comics #359.

A more recent comic book run of Batgirl, Batgirl of Burnside, has updated the Gordons' storyline, moving her into the Gotham borough of Burnside (a psuedo-Brooklyn) as a doctoral student who fights crime after working on her thesis at hipster coffee shops.

If the Batgirl project is confirmed and the character winds up being anything like Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman, fans are in for a treat. Whether he will take a larger role overseeing the DCEU as he did during Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen, but for now that role belongs to Geoff Johns.

There have been numerous iterations of Batgirl, both in the comics and on screen, since the character was created by Bill Finger (writer) and Sheldon Moldoff (artist) in 1961.

A release date for the Batgirl movie has not been announced. Moving to Warner a huge win for the DC's heroes. "If somebody pointed to me and said, 'You want to make a Black Widow movie?' the answer would be, 'Duh, '" Whedon explained.



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