Windows update will bring 3-D, game tools and less clutter

After making the final build of the Windows 10 Creators update available to Windows Insider Preview members, Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update will begin rolling out to everyone from early next month.

The Windows 10 Creators Update makes it super easy for anyone to broadcast their gameplay on Windows 10 and Xbox One via the built-in Beam broadcasting technology. Enthusiasts will care and may opt to download it on April 11. I've asked when Creators Update will be available to MSDN subscribers and Volume License customers.

You don't have to wait around like a normal person for the Creators Update to drop-it's available to download right now, if you're a Windows Insider. They often require a restart and can come at inopportune times — such as the start of an important meeting. These changes are supposed to help alleviate some of those complaints. Microsoft said the new features will cement Windows' position as a market-leading operating system capable of adapting to a wide range of use cases. It added that customers had the option to refuse the upgrade, as well 31 days to roll back to their old operating system after accepting the update. Setting tabs aside is meant to be used for pages that users don't want to bookmark, but don't need immediate access to. When you lock your computer and return within 30 minutes, Cortana will notify you of your most recent documents and Edge browser history from a previous work session.

Microsoft has hit a few speed bumps in the last couple of years as it switched to a model where it updates Windows more frequently, rather than releasing new Windows versions every few years. The changes have been recently made and were first spotted by the Twitter user @WZorNET. Now, that sidebar has been replaced by a floating box. A new night light feature lets you alter the color temperature range on your PC to display warmer colors that are supposed to help you sleep. It works by relegating all of the applications that aren't an active game to a subset of a computer's processor cores. It was filed on behalf of all Microsoft users in the US who lost data or whose devices were damaged after installing Windows 10.

"With all the unsafe security threats online today, Microsoft Edge blocks 9% more phishing sites and 13% more malware than Chrome - helping protect your identity and information; speed matters on the Web and according to Google's own benchmarks, Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome". Before, to share live streaming of game play, gamers had to install and activate Beam or a competing service separately.

A rendering of the Acer Mixed Reality Developer Edition headset. "The Creators Update is borne out of the idea that we want to empower the ability to create in all of us", said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's corporate vice president for window and devices. Microsoft expects that its manufacturing partners will have headsets that are ready for the public by that point. Several features that were originally expected to be in the Creator's Update won't be, he said.



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