'Serial' team's seven-episode podcast is ready for binging

'Serial' team's seven-episode podcast is ready for binging

If you love "This American Life" or "Serial", cancel your evening plans: This morning, the creators of the two popular podcasts released a new podcast, "S-Town" - and every episode is now available. In returning to that compositional gambit, S-Town emerges as the latest iteration of what is shaping up to be the Serial team's broad principal legacy: how it carries to podcasting the torch of New Journalism, that blend of reportage and literary technique that remains honest to how the personal experience of the journalist is intermingled in the production of a story. And there are crimes, more than a few. It's hosted by Brian Reed, a producer for This American Life. And most of the stories told are true.

He was contacted in 2013 by local John B. McLemore, whom he describes as the town's "very own Boo Radley", a reclusive horologist (clock expert) who despises his town and most of the people in it.

The podcast's story unravels in Woodstock, Alabama, a gun-packing, hope bereft small town, the majority of residents of which would, if anything, probably find Donald Trump not conservative enough.

It really feels like an expansion of what Serial was doing, and it's "Shit Town" title was a gift from John as, ultimately, it is about the town itself and about the downtrodden mindset that led to its nickname.

You can download all seven episodes of S-Town through the usual channels, or via the show's website. Like we said, we're one episode in and absolutely hooked. This is what S-Town is. These are the best memes and reactions so far to the podcast.

Koenig is of course the presenter of Serial, whose first season about the murder of Hae Min Lee became a huge podcast phenomenon. Instead of asking "whodunit?" around office water coolers, listeners are more likely to ask themselves more existential questions, about friendship, violence, poverty, and isolation.



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