Obama health law's 'essential benefits' may be in jeopardy

Obama health law's 'essential benefits' may be in jeopardy

"But ultimately, after a century of talk, decades of trying, and a year of bipartisan debate, our generation was the one that succeeded". While health care advocates in California say consumers "dodged a bullet", it remains unclear if or when another repeal plan might appear.

"So if Republicans are serious about lowering costs while expanding coverage to those who need it, and if they're prepared to work with Democrats in finding solutions that accomplish those goals - that's something we all should welcome". Seema Verma, who runs the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, said during her congressional hearing that she doesn't think the benefit should be required in every policy.

But, Obama says, "we should start from the baseline that any changes will make our health care system better, not worse for hardworking Americans".

When the gathering broke up, Rep. Greg Walden of OR, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee that helped write the bill, told reporters: "We gave it our best shot".

That's the message from Republican lawmakers who Monday night released a series of changes to their plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

As part of the push by House GOP leaders to gain more support for their plan, they amended the bill Thursday to allow states to decide, starting next year, what if any benefits insurers must provide on the individual market, rather than requiring health plans to include the law's essential health benefits, according to House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas). The vote is expected to be close.

Success has consequences, too, because Republicans would then own America's health care system. Unfortunately, we are on the verge of doing just that.

The Congress effectively will not be in session from April 6 to April 24 - most of this period is the spring recession.

"I am going to take care of everybody. Republicans from uber-conservative districts aren't going to go back and say 'Yeah, I compromised because Donald Trump asked me to". Thanks to this law, more than ninety percent of Americans are insured - the highest rate in our history.

Repealing ACA insurance reforms, such as prohibitions on charging women more than men for the same coverage or denying coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Seniors have bigger discounts on their prescription drugs.

Along with keeping Medicaid intact, Rosenberg says the requirement that plans cover mental health and addiction treatment needs to stay in any bill that passes Congress. And Americans who already had insurance received an upgrade as well - from free preventive care, like mammograms and vaccines, to improvements in the quality of care in hospitals that has averted almost 100,000 deaths so far.

“We could see a complete unwinding of the Medicaid program as we know it today, ” said Donna Friedsam, a health policy expert at the University of Wisconsin. For more than 75 years, moms and babies have benefited from March of Dimes research, education, vaccines, and breakthroughs. And reality continues to discredit the false claim that this law is in a "death spiral", because while it's true that some premiums have risen, the vast majority of Marketplace enrollees have experienced no average premium hike at all. On the other side, conservative groups including the Koch outfit argued the legislation did not go far enough in uprooting Obamacare.

"Getting rid of the essential health benefits in a community-rated market would cause coverage for the sick to get even worse than it is under current law", he said. We can work together to improve the ACA so that it works for everyone, but we cannot force middle-class families to sacrifice their coverage so the rich can get tax breaks. That should always be our priority.

The Affordable Care Act's individual mandate - a penalty for not purchasing health insurance - would be replaced with a 30 percent fine on a person's new premium if there has been a long enough gap in their health coverage. It was about whether the wealthiest nation on Earth would make sure that neither illness nor twist of fate would rob us of everything we've worked so hard to build.

"While we believe major reform of the ACA is needed, we must ensure that it is replaced with something that works", Sununu said.



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