Mafia 3 now has a demo - Faster, Baby! DLC also released

Mafia III

Players who wish to continue their experience can transfer over their progress when they purchase the full game.

Mafia III was released in October of past year and was praised for its interesting story and tight gunplay. The open world game which is set in 1986 New Bordeaux surrounds the story of an organised criminal drama. Conveniently the download sizes have also been provided for these platforms, so if you want to try it on PC it will be a 24 GB download, 25 GB on Xbox One, and 27 GB on the PS4. The demo is available on PC through Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, after his murder Lincoln Clay, the main protagonist joins up with Roxy Laveau to expose the town's corrupt sheriff.

Let us talk about some new features of Mafia 3 Faster Baby DLC, it features a new town Sinclair Parish, which is a rural town west of Bayou, the local sheriff rules the town with violence and fear, and will dispose of anyone that gets in his way.

With that, Faster, Baby! introduces a new part of town in Sinclair Parish-a rural township with its "fill of Hollywood-caliber auto chases". The expansion adds new driving and combat mechanics, alongside new weapons and vehicles. You'll need to own Faster, Baby! to access it, and Hangar 13 says it will be available at 9pm PT today/12am ET tomorrow.

The other two pieces of story DLC, Stones Unturned and Signs Of the Time, are expected to launch this summer.



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