Adorable little girl mistakes water heater for robot


An adorable video of a little girl mistaking a household boiler for a robot has notched up more than 600,000 views on YouTube. Like, just say "hello" to a robot if you meet it and then let it know it's loved. On the one hand, you have great robots like Wall-E, the Iron Giant, Johnny 5 and the Terminator from the second movie. This provides the basis for a very logical mistrust of robots.

In the video, a toddler sees a discarded water heater on the street, and gives it a friendly, "Hi wobot!". "And if you think about what a little girl of this age would be basing a mental model on, it would probably be cartoons".

"Hi robot!" Rayna repeatedly said to the silent and unmoving water heater. Ideally, it would also have arms, says Knepper.

Rayna even told the robot she loved it, starting what looks to be an everlasting friendship (or until Mr. Robot is picked up by the garbage men).



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