Anti-corruption protests lead to arrests in Russia

Anti-corruption protests lead to arrests in Russia

Protestors denouncing government corruption gathered in cities across Russian Federation on Sunday and dozens of arrests have been reported.

Police detained Navalny shortly after 2:00 pm (1100 GMT) as he was walking to the protest, putting him in a police minibus, and the surrounding crowd briefly tried to block it from driving off shouting "Shame!" and "Let him out!"

In the far eastern city of Vladivostok, a Reuters news agency reporter saw the detention of at least 30 protesters at an unsanctioned rally drawing hundreds of young people to a square near the city's railway station.

Police have been deployed in large numbers for the protest in the capital.

Russia's opposition, often written off by critics as a small and irrelevant coterie of privileged urbanites, put on an impressive nationwide show of strength Sunday with scores of protest rallies spanning the vast country.

Local Russian media outlets reported that around 1,000 people came out to the rally, which was sanctioned by the city administration.

The protests Sunday focused on reports by Navalny's group claiming that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has amassed a collection of mansions, yachts and vineyards.

Navalny, who has announced his intention to run for president in next year's election, has been rallying supporters in major Russian cities in recent weeks.

A grey-haired man was seen being dragged along the pavement by police in Moscow and the main square was cleared in around three hours after protesters were herded down side streets. The luxuries allegedly included a house for raising ducks, so several placards at the protest showed mocking images of yellow plastic ducks. "Our topic of the day is the fight against corruption", Navalny later posted on his Twitter account in Russian.

Some demonstrators have protested with their faces painted green, a reference to a recent attack on Navalny when an assailant threw a green anti-septic liquid onto his face.

There were no comments reported from Putin, Medvedev or other top Russian politicians, leaving in doubt what the Kremlin's strategy may be for countering the protests.

There were demonstrations across the country, with those...



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