After Electronics Ban, Airlines Promise To Make Flying Great Again

Get ready for lots of airplane movie-watching

While the US ban does not affect any of that country's airlines because none fly directly from any of the airports on the list, the British ban does affect six of its own airlines, which has removed doubt in many minds in the United Kingdom that its action stemmed from some commercial motivation.

Senior US officials told reporters that nine airlines from countries in the Arab world had been given 96 hours to institute the ban.

Turkey's foreign ministry said talks were underway to try to persuade the United States and Britain to exclude Turkish Airlines and Istanbul airport from the ban.

Some of the companies have been quick to respond, with lighthearted humour, using the ban as a marketing opportunity.

The video, featuring Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston, comes with the tag line: "Let us entertain you".

"Read a book. Say hello to the person next to you". However, he also refused to detail the reasoning for the ban apart from what the USA characterized as "evaluated intelligence" or the rationale for allowing devices such as a laptop computer in the cargo holds of the airplanes in question.

Royal Jordanian Airlines poked fun at the American government's electronics ban with a facetious list of activities travelers could do without their devices.

Any passengers still twiddling thumbs can "analyse the meaning of life" or "engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era" with fellow travellers.

Royal Jordanian isn't alone in making a statement via social media.

While many liked their humour sense and cracked more jokes, agreeing to the airlines' stance that these bans makes no sense, Royal Jordanian tweeted again, this time, cracking joke at Jordanians being critical about themselves. Some, like Royal Jordanian Airlines, tried to calm or even attract customers through humor, while others, such as Turkish Airlines, boasted about their in-flight entertainment.

This isn't the first time that the airline has take jabs at the USA president either.

The strategy seems to be resonating with people online.

He called the policy "a little ill-conceived" as it leaves open the possibility of using connecting flights to bring electronic devices into the cabins of US-bound flights.



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