US Government Targets Local Agencies For Refusing to Hold Illegal Immigrants

US Government Targets Local Agencies For Refusing to Hold Illegal Immigrants

On the contrary, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recognizes the imperative for crime victims and witnesses to come forward.

It included no information about what might happen to the 118 listed localities - including Boston and four other MA cities - where law enforcement limits their cooperation with ICE efforts to deport undocumented immigrants. But much of the information provided about Pennsylvania jurisdictions was incomplete, misleading or, according to some officials, flat-out wrong. Not honoring ICE detainer requests has nothing to do with whether Snohomish County is a "sanctuary" jurisdiction and has everything to do with following the letter of the law. It listed 206 examples of immigrants who were alleged to have been released from custody by local jails despite requests from federal agents to hold them.

The Department of Homeland Security published a "detainer report" showing which local law enforcement agencies failed to comply with orders from ICE.

"I find the report inflammatory because it shifts the burden that is the responsibility of ICE to the county sheriff or to a local law enforcement agency", he said.

But that's not right, Shank said.

ICE cited an executive order from President Donald Trump that requires it to be make the information public in order "to highlight jurisdictions that choose not to cooperate with ICE detainers or requests for notification, therefore potentially endangering Americans".

Nearly since the jail opened in 1999, it has had a contract to hold detainees for ICE.

"Any reasonable definition of cooperation would have Franklin County's actions defined as cooperative", Shank said.

First blush: The city of Philadelphia declined ICE's request to detain a man incarcerated on homicide charges. The federal agency thought Galarza might be an undocumented immigrant from the Dominican Republic, which he was not.

"ICE officials have been extremely responsive to our request and are generally here within two hours or less of a call", Bechtold said. "In light of that case, the county met with ICE. We will continue to look into it and will keep you informed".

"We're just complying with the executive order", said the ICE official, speaking on background, explaining that the preliminary list on self-identified sanctuary cities was based off public announcements and news reports and is not fully comprehensive. "That is what Lehigh County did and that is why Lehigh County lost that lawsuit", he said. ICE will not say how many agencies have applied. The Daily Texan reported on March 10 that 35 detainer requests to detain inmates after being released from Travis County jail were declined.

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A House bill created to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities by forcing local governments to comply with federal immigration enforcement cleared another committee hurdle Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Perry County Prison Board voted to clarify its policy that it will work with ICE. Weld sheriff's deputies released the inmate Feb 3. Austin said the friction between the two is why ICE told him and the other judge about the raids ahead of time.

"Trump is trying to shame localities into using their resources to help ICE arrest and deport individuals", he said.

Trenary also took issue with his agency's designation as "uncooperative" since he said they have a clear track record of working with ICE on criminal investigations.

In a statement, federal officials say the goal is to inform the public about crime and how some local jurisdictions limit their cooperation with ICE.

Wolgemuth said the county has always been and are still willing to cooperate with ICE, but the county must also be mindful of being exposed to possible financial liabilities. Several other Washington counties were mentioned in the report as well. The requests, often called "detainers", have taken on a greater role in the immigration debate under Trump, who strenuously opposes local policies that grant leniency to people in the country illegally.

That fear and "distrust [of] the court system" is reportedly the result of a video released last month that shows ICE officers waiting outside of a Denver courthouse.



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