Android O announced by Google, developer preview now available

Google is hoping its newest version of Android is sweeter than the last.

Factory reset, backup, and keyboard settings, all under System now. That app will have the ability to securely and seamlessly store data like passwords and text snippets. We have rounded up the most plausible ones and we will present them right now. The OS is slated to have 4 developer previews.

As we can see that the size of the fish reflects the size of the phone, taimen's size strongly indicates that the third Pixel phone is going to be a giant one.

Device makers can set a mask for icons... maybe a squircle? Background limits represent a significant change in Android, so we want every developer to get familiar with them. Adaptive icons will be able to transition between different shapes, such as square, circular and rounded corners, depending on the standard used by the phone. This is sort of the next step.

Android O, however, will include these helpful shortcuts by default through the System UI Tuner, which was introduced in Marshmallow. Some that are worth mentioning include the addition of Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN), which is an implementation of the WiFi Aware standard. This would allow you to not have to sit there and copy paste the address into a search.

AAudio API for Pro-Audio: Here's a new native API that is designed just for apps that require high-performance, low latency audio.

Users are also expected to have an improved battery optimisation, which is reportedly similar to Chrome 57's restricted background activities.

When can I get it?

The Android O (Orange Jello?) Developer Preview contains an updated SDK with system images that can be tested on the Android emulator. It's still buggy and it only works on certain devices.

One thing that Google didn't confirm today, however, was the name of Android O. That involves resetting your device. Luckily, the company details the timeline of the beta program for O here. Finally, DP4 will arrive in July which will be a near-perfect build ready for finalization. The new notifications would display across a variety of devices owned by the user and would show on whichever Android gadget is now in use, according to that rumor. So it will be interesting to see how Google decides to build out its software from now on to take advantage of having tighter control over its hardware design.



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