In theaters this weekend: 'Beauty and the Beast'

"Beauty and the Beast" director Bill Condon unleashed some beastly sentiment when he said in a pre-release interview that a character in the live-action film is revealed, over the course of the movie, as gay.

"I can't believe what they've managed to do and the way fairytales have embraced this technology, and vice versa, it's wonderful". It might have just been that the other characters were so much more entertaining that Watson's Belle got washed away.

Last but not the least, Emma Watson gave a stellar and radiant performance as Belle, as per Guardian. Maurice, Belle's father, gets more screen time in the remake and Kevin Kline's portrayal earns it as he makes you want to learn more about his past. "Like numerous additions to this movie, I think it's a handsome, subtle moment that does its job and is left alone". She is such a attractive Disney princess. Alan Menken, who wrote the original songs with Howard Ashman, provided the score and wrote three new songs with Tim Rice. Character designs of the castle's inhabitants would likely have looked better had they remained faithful to the animated version, yet it was the one place they did not. Regardless of your age, this is an enjoyable movie that will make you think and feel like a kid again. Meunier didn't respond, so Home simply said "Have a good one" and moved on to the day's news headlines from NPR.

The star power Disney has attracted to the live-action revivals also broadens their appeal. "I loved the escapism". This movie is not flawless but still magical enough to delight you with a new version of the classic that, for the most part, sticks very closely to that one tale that is as old as time.

It's been called a tale as old as time, so why should audiences go to see this new version? There's several moments of levity littered throughout Beauty and the Beast, and Gaston's companion was responsible for the majority of them.

The film was originally scheduled for release on Thursday, but was held back after the board ordered the scene to be cut.



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