Iron Fist characters you really should know about

Which is where that iron fist comes in handy-a glowing appendage that can burst through walls and fell an elevator full of assailants when Danny puts his mind to it. Worse, it simply isn't entertaining. It demonstrates the limits of the Marvel brand and how desperately the superhero genre needs to evolve.

Kung fu movies inspired the character of Danny Rand, and many hoped that the TV show would finally make the character an Asian man. Finn Jones, a white man, was chosen for the role, which caused some controversy. As with all heroes of this ilk, Danny's story begins with tragedy. He loses his parents when their private plane crashes in the Himalayas. The crux of the series takes place upon Rand's return to New York City, 15 years later. They alternate between being wary and downright antagonistic. His parents owned a big, successful company in NY but their death left it all in the hands of their business partner Harold Meachum (David Wenham), our scarridy little villain who loves to play dead.

The creators forsake the bright flourishes of the comics for grit, but the series doesn't offer the depth, intelligence or pathos necessary to make that decision work.

He was taken in by monks who taught him how to be a warrior, and harness his chi into a golden fist to punch people and break hospital doors with.

As Marvel's latest Netflix superhero, Iron Fist is able to fend off all kinds of threats - from martial artists to corporate vultures. When speaking to The Daily Beast, Scott Buck stressed he was not made aware of fans' desire to see a non-white actor portray Danny Rand until after Jones had been cast. So, Danny is unceremoniously escorted out of the building.

Jones continued his plea to social media users, further tweeting, "Please don't make assumptions on our show before you have seen it". Having been a producer on Dexter and Six Feet Under, he wasn't exactly sure why he was considered the man for the job. But Luke Cage was bolstered by excellent supporting performances by Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard.

Netflix hasn't announced whether or not Iron Fist will be getting a season two. The Meachums don't convince as dedicated siblings or Wall Street power players. Even if you were to ignore the lacklustre story for a moment, the lazily written characters don't let you feel any good. She's pretty much a greatest-hits version of the Strong Female Character, all flash but no real development. She'd be an interesting character if any of her shifts in morality and loyalty seemed intentional, or building toward something.

She plays Claire Temple in the Marvel series. During the third episode, Colleen gets a showcase rumble at an underground fight tournament.

Another common complaint? The surprisingly poor fight choreography. But over decades, the two have looked past their differences and been best friends fighting crime together.

In Iron Fist, she can best be described as a sexy assassin.

Comic book hero, Luke Cage, in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Even the episode directed by Wu-Tang Clan stalwart RZA has little panache.

Madame Gao has been a figure of mystery since the first season of Daredevil, when, with a single thrust of her hand, the small, elderly woman threw Matt Murdock across a room - seemingly with supernatural force. Colleen struggles with reconciling her principles and sense ethnic identity into this every changing world, as she doesn't believe in using her skills for profit.

The showrunner did go on to say Iron Fist's team "certainly wanted to avoid any stereotypes" when it came to characterization. Danny is asked by the robed master that only he can see. Instead it encapsulates the definitive problems of this torpid series: It's a soulless, un-entertaining nadir for Marvel that has neither the grace nor style to truly bring these characters to life.



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