Trump Moves to Loosen Obama's Fuel Economy Rules

Trump Moves to Loosen Obama's Fuel Economy Rules

That was why a group of 18 automakers, from giants like General Motors and Ford to tiny Aston Martin, sent a letter to the Trump administration late last month asking for a review of the requirements.

Trump took the first step toward a legal showdown on Wednesday in MI when he announced that the government will re-examine fuel economy requirements for 2022-2025. "Pruitt-Feb. -21-2016-Signed.pdf">asked EPA to conduct the review.

President Donald Trump Wednesday declared "a new industrial revolution" in America and vowed that "the assault on the American auto industry is over".

Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, said in a statement that while she supports the standards agreed to under the Obama administration, she supports going through with the review process. For comparison, a new Toyota Camry now gets about 33 miles per gallon on freeways; less in cities. However, automakers have complained that cheap gas is affecting their possibility of reaching fuel economy goals, mostly because customers tend to buy gas guzzlers when fuel is cheaper.

The industry has long lobbied for a change in the rules, and Trump thinks it will help grow car-factory jobs. The move is seen as a major win for automakers, which had raised concerns that the rules would increase costs and threaten jobs.

In 2016, auto sales slipped month after month as low gas prices made buying larger vehicles more attractive. Trump on Wednesday characterized the decision as an "11th-hour executive action".

In Michigan, Trump will meet with chief executives from General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and top US executives from Toyota Motor Corp, Daimler AG and others, and speak to autoworkers.

MI voters were key to Trump's victory.

"To succeed as a country, we have to work together", he says, "we have to fight side by side to protect our industry and to stop the jobs from leaving our country".

"The lawsuit provides an additional option - settlement - for EPA's policy-making repertoire", George Washington University Law School professor Emily Hammond said. The California standard is now used by at least a dozen, mostly Northeastern states, including NY and MA. Those states won't be directly affected by Wednesday's announcement, although EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has hinted that his agency may separately attempt to challenge those states' rules.

The effort hands a victory to industry officials, provoking criticism from Democrats and environmental groups. A second phase, dictating standards through 2025, was put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency before Donald Trump took office.

Simply reviving the review does not mean any changes to the regulations will be made, but the Trump administration has taken steps to dismantle former president Barack Obama's other climate change initiatives.

Roland Hwang, director of energy and transportation at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said Gov.



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