One Injured in Letter Bomb Attack in Paris

   BLAST Cops at the scene of the suspected letter bomb explosion

Police say a letter bomb explodes at the French IMF office, slightly injuring one person. The employee who opened the letter suffered face and hand injuries.

A spokesperson for the Paris prefecture of police said the explosive was likely to be a firework. The same building houses the World Bank office for France. In 2011 six members of the group were sent to prison.

The local authorities have said the incident is involves the students and is not terror related.

Police confirmed one person was injured in the blast caused by a suspected firecracker earlier this morning.

From Washington, IMF Director Christine Lagarde expressed her condemnation of the 'violent act, ' noting that she is keeping abreast of the details of the event.

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said the organization was "working closely" with French authorities to investigate the incident.

"It was something that was fairly homemade", police chief Michel Cadot said.

The package containing explosives in Germany was addressed to Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and intercepted Wednesday in the ministry's mail room before it was opened.

A year ago in July, France's Nice was struck by a "terror" attack with at least 80 people were killed after a truck barrelled two kilometres through the festive crowd during the Bastille Day fireworks display.

Mailroom employees at the ministry quickly identified the package as suspicious and called in explosives experts, who destroyed it with a controlled explosion.



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