Conway denies suggesting wider surveillance of Trump

US President Donald Trump has claimed his predecessor Barack Obama had his phones tapped

"You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets".

The House Intelligence Committee is asking the Trump administration for evidence to backup the US President's claim Barrack Obama had "wires tapped" at Trump Tower during last year's presidential campaign.

Trump has not offered any evidence in his original claims, and, despite assertions from the intelligence community that it's not true, members on the House Intelligence Committee have asked the Justice Department to turn over any evidence of such by Monday.

"Do you know if Trump Tower was wiretapped?" the interviewer asks Conway in the video above.

Then, she told a flat out lie.

Schiff also said that he was "surprised" that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper this week appeared to categorically deny there had been any collusion or cooperation between Trump associates and Russians, which the White House has denied.

Most of the stories are all essentially identical, saying that Obama will be "picked up by" the Federal Bureau of Investigation sometime today or be charged with unlawful use of authority for ordering an illegal wiretap on the phones in Trump Tower.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, also said he had "not seen that evidence" of wiretapping, but he declined to call on Trump to apologize to Obama.

"So just to be clear, you're saying you have no evidence for these allegations?"

Kellyanne Conway tried to defend Donald Trump's wiretap claim on the Today show, but even lightweights like Matt and Savannah tore her up.

Senior Republican John McCain has told Donald Trump to either present evidence proving Barack Obama was involved in wiretapping his phones or retract the claim.

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday brushed off a demand by Sen.

"I would note that [FBI] Director [James] Comey has asked the Department of Justice to make a comment, but he hasn't made a comment". President Obama's spokesman, as well as several Obama administration officials, have all rejected Trump's claim. He said Trump could clarify the situation by making a phone call, rather than calling for a congressional investigation of a claim without providing evidence.

"That's particularly what investigations are for", Conway added.

Experts say electronic surveillance of a U.S. citizen by American intelligence agencies would require a warrant approved by a FISA court judge.



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