Muhammad Ali's Son Was Held Up and Questioned at the Airport, Again

Muhammad Ali​ Jr. Detained by Security at Second Airport

Muhammad Ali's son went to Washington, plead for an end to racial profiling after he was detained and questioned at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport last month.

The latest alleged incident follows a complaint by Ali that immigration agents detained him for almost two hours at the Fort-Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. According to his mother Camacho-Ali, her son was detained by immigration officials because of his Arabic-sounding name.

In a separate statement, TSA claimed that agents were concerned about a "large piece of jewelry" Ali was wearing.

"I didn't see why they stopped me, because I'm in the United States", Ali said.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D - Fla.) was also on the Friday flight and posted a picture of herself with Ali Jr.

Mancini, who accompanied Ali Jr. and Camacho-Ali on the trip, said that after he and Camacho-Ali received their boarding passes without issue from JetBlue, Ali Jr. stepped to the counter and presented his IL state ID.

His testimony stemmed from his experience on February 7 at the Fort Lauderdale airport where he was detained because of his religion, Mancini said at the time. She believes Ali Jr was targeted by the Trump administration.

Rep. Wasserman Shultz said Ali Jr. had no issues on his way up to the nation's capitol, but subsequently had a problem on his return. "I'm a US citizen and they're asking me what is my religion?", he said.

Ali Jr. said JetBlue employees were very apologetic and told him that it was DHS that was responsible for holding him up.

They travelled to Washington on Wednesday without incident to speak to members of a congressional subcommittee on border security about that experience. Ali Jr. was then not allowed to continue to his flight until he produced his USA passport, which he ultimately did.

That time, he said he gave agents his name, then was asked: "What is you religion?" What is asked in these interviews varies depending on the situation, he said, but "we have no interest in questioning anyone for two hours about their religion". The forum was organized by Democratic lawmakers.



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