Study Discovers Consumption of Soy Can Reduce Risk of Mortality

Study Discovers Consumption of Soy Can Reduce Risk of Mortality

The hair dyes can increase the risk of breast cancer, the researcher Sanna Heikkinen evaluated, saying, "the biggest risk factors in breast cancer include late age at first birth, using hair colour, high alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle".

But Glass, who was not part of the study team, pointed out that young women diagnosed with breast cancer should think about having their eggs or embryos cryopreserved before treatment because the most common chemotherapy drug given can damage the ovaries, playing havoc with fertility.

This benefit of better survival odds was limited to women in the study with hormone receptor-negative cancers.

Dittus also says patients can consume soy foods, and the less processed the soy foods are the better. With the different tests to check for BRCA-1 or BRCA-2, the different genes that influence the likelihood of breast cancer, this new step could be helpful towards people who undergo mastectomies and breast reconstruction.

Weight gain is common for those undergoing breast cancer treatment, but putting on pounds can be extremely unsafe for patients with breast cancer.

For now, she says "soy seems to be safe" at the levels women in the USA typically consume it, "and it could be beneficial for some women who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer". The Ontario government, for instance, covers the costs of fertility preservation.

Moreover, women who undergo opportunistic mammography screening - the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the human breast - were also found to be at risk of developing breast cancer. None of the women who followed a Mediterranean diet suffered a recurrence of the disease.

Oestrogen-receptor negative (ER-negative) breast cancer is an aggressive form of postmenopausal breast cancer.

A new study has shown that women who eat a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil are 40 percent less likely to get one of the most malignant types of breast cancer.

Multivariate statistical analyses revealed that weight before diagnosis was positively associated with breast cancer death and recurrence.

However, that's unproven at this point, he said, and would need more research.



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