Official denies son of Kim Jong-nam is in Taiwan

Kang Chol North Korea's ambassador to Malaysia has been declared persona non grata and expelled from the countryMore

Questions concerning the footage's authenticity continued to linger on Wednesday, despite media reports that South Korea's intelligence agency had verified that the person shown was indeed Han Sol.

The video, made Kim Han Sol who has been given the nickname "Han Solo", makes no request but can be seen as a call for help against the murderous North Korean leader.

Han Sol's father Kim Jong Nam was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia in mid-February.

One intelligence source said he searched for a Western country that could protect him and appears to have gotten in touch with the Dutch government, which has been interested in North Korean human rights issues, through his European friends from school.

After the clip surfaced, the NIS said the individual "appears to be Kim Han-sol".

He had also shown a passport as proof of his identity, but the particulars were redacted.

In a 40-second clip posted on YouTube, he says he is the son of murdered North Korean exile Kim Jong-nam. Han-sol lives with his mother and sister.

"We are very grateful to.", he says before the audio is cut off.

On Tuesday, Malaysia barred all North Koreans in the country, including diplomats and embassy workers, from leaving.

The video featuring Nam's 21-year-old son was uploaded to YouTube by the group "Cheollima Civil Defense", which was said to have "extracted" some members of Kim Jong Nam's family.

Kim died shortly after the attack.

If Donald Trump were to offer asylum to Kim Jong-nam and his family, it would at the least, keep this family alive and at best, offer hope to 25 million North Koreans citizens under an iron rule.

This might not be the last we hear of Kim Han-sol.

Putrajaya has previously rebuffed North Korea's request for Jong-nam's body, insisting that only his next-of-kin can claim it. "The unnamed fourth government mentioned by Cheollima Civil Defense may be South Korea".

North Korea denied any involvement on Jong-nam's death.

"The three family members were met quickly and relocated to safety", it said.

"I think that Kim may have chosen Europe for asylum-seeking, as its relationship with North Korea is relatively not bad, compared with South Korea, the USA or Japan", he said.

The term is used in North Korean propaganda to symbolize rapid economic development, as well as to name streets, restaurants and other domestic brands.



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