Netanyahu to urge Putin to block permanent foothold for Iran in Syria

Netanyahu To Voice Opposition To Iran's Influence In Syria In Meeting With Putin

Israeli police grilled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his official Jerusalem home today in a long-running investigation into corruption suspicions, local media said.

Israel, Netanyahu said, will continue its fight against Iran's aggressive policies and its continuing threats to delete the Jewish nation-state from the map. Iran, which, like Sunni-majority Syria, is ruled by a Shia government, was a longtime backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose government has allied with Russian Federation in its attacks on Islamic State militants, unaffiliated rebels and, in many cases, civilians.

Russia, also Assad's ally, is seen as a key player in achieving a deal on Syria's future, Reuters reported.

"I hope that we can reach specific understandings in order to decrease possible friction between our forces and theirs, as we did successfully until now", Netanyahu said.

According to reports, the Israeli prime minister fears that Tehran and its Shi'ite Muslim proxies, especially Hezbollah would try to use Syria as a base to attack Israel.

Last year, Netanyahu visited Russian Federation twice.

"We are not deterred, and we are also building our strength", he said on Monday, during a ceremony at the Foreign Ministry marking 25 years since the bombing of the embassy in Buenos Aires.

The statement comes after reports suggesting that the U.S. has allegedly proposed Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan and Egypt to form a US-backed defense pact which would share intelligence with Israel and counter Iran's influence in the region.



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