Nintendo on Switch Connectivity: Avoid Aquariums

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch may have a lot of quirks right now, but if you get exhausted of the console, yet love the new Joy-Con or Switch Pro controller, you can use it with other devices.

There's a very easy-to-explain reason behind this feature - Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, Link and Donkey Kong, is a wizard.

We learned heading into the past weekend that the Nintendo Switch Pro controller will work with PCs via a wireless Bluetooth connection. You actually have to connect both of the controllers separately, however.

This functionality, while unexpected, is certainly a welcome novelty and could have some real potential for the home-brew crowd. Nintendo made a decision to innovate rather then follow, with their new console the Nintendo Switch.

DreWoof, who demonstrated the Pro controller working on a PC last week, posted a follow-up on YouTube confirming the Joy-Con's similar functionality.

"By sending the Product to Nintendo you accept and agree that Nintendo will not be responsible for any loss, deletion or corruption of your files or data that has not been deleted or removed", the warranty states.

The Nintendo Switch released on 3 March is in high demand and some of the early buyers of the hybrid console have noticed the dead pixels, showing up in the form of specks seen on its screen. You can also use it to search the Nintendo eShop after downloading the latest software update.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by USA TODAY, though the company does address the topic in the "troubleshooting" portion of the Switch's United Kingdom help page.

Tech Crunch, for example, wrote recently that "it's hard to understate how terrific the game" is, citing the fact that players can freely play with little directions from the game and can play in a variety of ways.

Nintendo believes the Joy-Con connectivity issues encountered by some Switch owners could be the result of wireless interference. Game Rant recently talked to Gamestop Senior Director of Merchandising Eric Bright, who said that the Switch launch was one of the most successful in recent memory, as well as promised new stock for sold out stores soon.



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