'Logan' has massive US$33.1m Friday opening in the US

'Logan' has massive US$33.1m Friday opening in the US

Is a Logan sequel possible? It is the best "Wolverine" movie, though.

Spoilers ahead! Logan's lack of a post-credits scene makes sense, as the movie's actual ending is pretty damn intense.

"Logan" gives us one of the most emotional plots in the history of the superhero genre. Neither of the previous two movies did well with critics, and moviegoers weren't insane about them either. In IMAX, and at $20.6M, this is the 2nd-biggest R-rated global debut behind Fox's similarly-R-rated Deadpool. There are sky high expectations to film as it is the tenth installment of the super hit X-Men series, the film is also considered as the best X-Men film.

In Logan, in the near future, a tired Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border.

The most drastic thing about Logan is how much more mature it is than the other films in the franchise.

The two actors are good friends, as they\u0027ve been acting together since the first X-Men \/em film in the year 2000.

The music fits the graphic nature of the film.

They also go into his relationship with Professor X a little more and how they feel about being the last of the X-Men. Both movies feature characters from Walt Disney Co.

The opening is on par with X-Men Origins: Wolverine which got $85 million in its opening weekend too back in 2009.

The most exciting part of the post, at least for fans, is that Jackman openly wants to work with Stewart again. But it will certainly be a while before people forget the nearly 2 decades in which Jackman so effectively played the role.

In the film, he is tasked with protecting a young mutant who is quickly revealed to be his daughter, X-23. Keen does a terrific job of bringing this comic book character to life. There is an edge to him and that is exasperated by age and depression in Logan. Charles saves her by having a seizure, which puts everyone in the area in excruciating statis-except for Wolverine and X-23, who aren't affected as badly, which explains how Wolverine survived the Westchester Incident.



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