Study finds high levels of urine in pools

The amount of urine in a large swimming pool is enough to fill a dustbin

Don't cancel your local pool membership just yet.

The study team went on to recommend a public health campaign that emphasizes good pool hygiene practices, like showering before jumping in and not using a pool as a toilet.

This is because it can become harmful - potentially causing asthma and eye irritation - after mixing with chemicals in the water. Every pool probably contains a shot glass full of urine per swimmer, according to a story by Chemical and Engineering News from previous year. Still, Lindsay said having all that chlorine is necessary because it kills any water-born pathogens that could be in the pool. plus all the nasty germs that you pool pee-ers are blasting in there.

Although they note that urine itself is sterile, nitrogenous organics in urine can react with disinfectants like chlorine in swimming pools to form volatile and irritating compounds.

The study say this makes it an ideal urinary marker. The amount of Ace-K in a pool is a helpful measure of the amount of urine present, since the ingredient is not metabolized by the body, is excreted exclusively through urine, and doesn't get broken down by chlorine.

It's always been something of an urban myth - that swimming pool containing literally gallons of wee.

In the bigger pool with 220,000 gallons, they found 19.8 gallons of urine. The researchers tested 250 samples from 31 other pools and hot tubs and found the ACE levels were 570 times higher than tap water.

The team found 75 litres of urine in an 830,000 litre swimming pool, which is one-third the size of an Olympic pool.

And it's not just pee. Americans consume about 17 million metric tons of artificial sweeteners per year.

Researchers from the University of Alberta, Edmonton have estimated the amount of urine in swimming pools. The average public pool contains almost 20 gallons of urine, according to research from the University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Funding for the research, in part, came from from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

According to the Guardian, the results were even grosser for hot tubs. The study was conducted in swimming pools in two Canadian cities. Several studies have reported that increased DOC in swimming pools results in enhancement of DBP formation. However, based on our past experiences involving noise children or adult prankers who would like nothing better than to urinate in the large water hole, we are somewhat reluctant in taking this step.



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