'Pirates of the Caribbean 5': Captain Salazar's origin explored in latest trailer

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Concept Art Reveals Ghastly Sharks Ahead of Tomorrow's New Trailer

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is called Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in the U.S., but I've heard rumors it could have the subtitle of "Salazar's Revenge" when it is released in the UK.

It's Captain Jack's mission, in this new film, to catch the ghost of Armando, the pirate hater, who has escaped from the Devil's Triangle. Salazar and his crew seek to snuff him out, with Jack's only hope being the mystical artifact known as the Trident of Poseidon.

It'll be in cinemas next May. Maybe we'll see them in action in the new trailer, which arrives tomorrow. Aged back at least 20 years, a freshly-shaven (or perhaps pubescent) Sparrow lands on Salazar's ship as the uniformed Salazar confidently cannonballs other vessels at sea. We're finally offered a motivation for Bardem's undead avenger and his desire to kill Captain Jack via a flashback featruing a cocky Jackie Sparrow leading a dashing Captain Salazar into a jagged cove and his watery death. Ah, the magic of CGI-which is responsible for Johnny Depp giving us major Throwback Thursday vibes, back when he was younger.

In the trailer we see the moment Jack causes trouble for the Spanish captain and just why he wants to exact revenge.

There's Depp as the scalawag pirate Jack Sparrow fans have come to know over the previous four films.

Is Orlando Bloom Making an Appearance? But it has been confirmed that he will indeed be in the film!

The latest news on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is that a new poster was just revealed to the public. Even his IMDb page credits him as part of the cast.

These two new good-looking actors feel like the fresh version of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley from the first three Pirate films. Check out the exciting trailer below!



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