Cheyenne Mountain Zoo donates plasma for struggling baby giraffe at Denver Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo donates plasma for struggling baby giraffe at Denver Zoo

Kipele was born at the Denver Zoo in 1993 and is now the zoo's oldest giraffe.

Giraffe calves are usually about six feet tall and 150 pounds.

As of Friday morning, United Kingdom time, the latest live stream - set up on 24 February - has had nearly 20 million views, with the accumulative time racked up by viewers equating to a somewhat staggering 1,036 years.

"April appears a little more on edge - but only in the sense of not being as "lovey" as usual".

For many years, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff has done voluntary training with their giraffes to have them hold still for injections and small blood samples.

The park reports that there is not much change in April's physical appearance. The excitement reached a fever pitch last week, when the live feed of her pen was briefly yanked off YouTube after animal rights activists complained that the video contained "nudity and sexual content".

Excitement surrounding the imminent birth of a baby giraffe grows by the hour.

An animal park in upstate NY has gone viral with a streaming video of a pregnant giraffe named April.

April is nearing the end of her epic 15-month pregnancy and could give birth to a calf at any moment. Numerous fake YouTube sites have a video on loop (one of Adventure Animal Park's older videos) that they run in order to get viewers and solicit funds.

In their Facebook Live update Wednesday morning (3/1/2017), park officials said they need everyone to stop sending them emails.

While all eyes have been on April, another giraffe quietly welcomed a baby boy this week.

"Giraffes are born after a 15-month gestation period", the zoo website stated. Giraffes usually double in height during their first two years, reaching an average height of 12 feet, zoo officials said. "If we knew the date, we'd let you know", one zookeeper said in a live Q&A.



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