The White House proposes eye watering budget cuts

Trump We have to start winning wars again

Too much of State's efforts under the Obama administration were directed from Washington rather than by politically appointed ambassadors who represent the president in countries around the world, Carafano said.

Defense Department civilian employees could see a another pay boost later this year, thanks to President Trump's federal hiring freeze.

"We are going to have, very soon, the finest equipment in the world", the president, who wore a Navy-issue cap and windbreaker, told an audience of naval officers and shipbuilders in Newport News.

President Trump's proposed $54 billion bump to defense spending may be a good idea, but cutting foreign aid and funding for the State Department to pay for it may actually undermine USA national-security interests.

"Budgeting is done on a bipartisan basis", he said.

The promises of a massive increase in US military spending, including a buildup of active military personnel, suggest otherwise. "It's a budget proposal that will probably meet the same fate as Obama's proposals".

Bill O'Keefe, vice president for government relations and advocacy at Catholic Relief Services, said the cuts would impact people around the world who benefit from the United States lifesaving and development assistance. Numerous high profile members of the GOP in Congress have spoken out about it. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as well as Sen.

"With a world on fire, America can not secure peace through strength with just 3 percent more than President Obama's budget".

"For the moment the USA military is, by any measure, superior to both the Russian and Chinese militaries", says De Luce.

Harrison said that Trump's recent embrace of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation coupled with his spending plans for the Pentagon could mean that Trump, whose Cabinet is stocked with former generals, is shifting toward more engagement in the world.

This reporter isn't expecting the speech to get nitty-gritty enough to discuss the war fund, but Trump has promised to get into more details about his budget proposal during the speech. "The president is going to protect the country and do so in exactly the same way that every American family has had to do over the last couple years, and that's prioritize spending". Nondefense discretionary spending will fall by $54 billion to $462 billion under the budget blueprint. Trump also wants to push a tax cut measure and a big spending package - up to $1 trillion - for roads, bridges and other public works.

But analysts note that the administration plans to present a supplemental Department of Defense spending request to Congress, likely between $20 billion and $30 billion, for fiscal 2017, to include resources for what officials describe as near-term readiness. His plan to ramp up military spending is part of a budget proposal to Congress, which, while it is controlled by his fellow Republicans, will not necessarily follow his plans.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to complete a spending plan outlining specific needs over the next few months. When the Trump administration has a budget that basically destroys soft power, it's unnerving to me, because clearly they don't understand how soft power is essential to winning the war. Mulvaney has not specified whether the president's request for his first complete budget pulls the wartime spending back under the total Pentagon budget umbrella, as he advocated when he served as a Tea Party congressman from SC and called it a "slush fund". But it's notable that so many lawmakers in the White House's own party are railing against his sharp budget cuts this early.



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