Mexican politician climbs border fence to show Trump's wall is 'absurd'

Stunt Mr Guerra was joined by two other people at the top

Mexican Delegate Braulio Guerra of the ruling Partido Revolucionario Institucional (Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI) climbed, according to him, with no problem, the dividing wall in the border city of Tijuana to demonstrate U.S. President Donald Trump that his idea of building a barrier between the two countries is "absurd" and "unnecessary". 'It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall'.

One Mexican lawmaker disagrees-and set out to prove to the president that his wall won't work as planned.

Since Guerra did not post photos or video of himself climbing the wall, some on Twitter questioned whether the climb is really as easy as Guerra claims, ABC News reports. "Look, in these 8 meters, more or less 8, 10 meters, how simple it is to climb".

Trump has famously called for building a wall along the USA border with Mexico, which stretches over 1,950 miles - and making Mexico pay for it, a suggestion laughed off by Mexican politicians and profanely denounced by former President Vincente Fox.

Guerra is a representative of the state of Queretaro, who, according to his government web page, was involved with national defense up until past year, and is now a member of a commission on climate change. "Human rights, principles and dignity are not negotiable", Guerra wrote in his tweet.

Some irritated responders on Twitter suggested this means the U.S. should build a higher wall, or one that is electrified or topped with barbed wire.

Guerra's video caught the attention of social media users, though perhaps more for his stunt than his message. The existing fencing only covers about 700 miles of the almost 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico.

Some estimate the project would cost between $12 billion and $15 billion, while others say it could be much higher.

"Ridiculous", a few called him in Spanish.



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