Google 'Playables' will let you try games before you buy


It is not the only change that comes to the Google Play Store, since the developers of the app store now have the ability to set sales prices and specific periods to alert users of the offers in their applications. This allows the customer to decide whether or not the sale price is worth now downloading that app for, and it will show them specifically how much they are saving compared to the regular price. This changes not only helped them, but also did justice for the deserving games in the Play Store. These will feature hand-picked games, more than likely from Google Play staff, and each section will have those pages with their game selections available for that particular genre of game. Going forward, the algorithms that determine the promotion of games on the Google Play Store will be tuned to prioritize play time, frequency, and user ratings over just downloads.

Google will look at a game's "stickiness" - its retention and engagement levels - as a way to reward quality with better promotion on the store.

The developers will be allowed to list the regular price, with the strike through it, and with the promotional price below it.

For users, while you will eventually have to pay full price for an app or game, it could open the door to more content that you otherwise may not have considered because of the cost.

Google also says within the next few months it will introduce an auto-flip feature that automatically orients a merchant's video ad so it matches the way a consumer is holding his phone. At GDC this year, Google's AdMob division was there to talk about some new tools they're making available to developers as well.

In addition, Google will also be launching new game-related pages on the Play Store in the near future.

Google is known to make all sorts of changes where it sees fit, so that its users can be satisfied. However, Google says the playable ads may be displayed within any of the over 1 million apps on the Google Display Network. We won't know for some time, but Moledina is confident in Google taking the right approach with its latest improvements.



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