Telstra to build Australia's first national internet of things network

As part of the rollout agreement to expand Telstra's long haul, Ericsson will supply, install, and integrate the next generation of converged packet-optical solutions from Ciena, a US-based global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment that will provide scalable, flexible, and programmable optics.

Per Narvinger, Head of Ericsson RAN says: “This first LTE Broadcast enabled PTT call on Telstras live commercial network demonstrates the capabilities of Ericssons LTE solution and is a good example of how LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) can deliver unique new services for our customers.”. The technology will be enabled in existing Telstra Media services as well as a 24x7 linear streaming channel, Telstra said.

"Telstra's LTE-B product roadmap will include 24x7 linear streaming, live sports coverage beyond stadiums, pre-loading of popular content, news clips and games highlights", he said.

Mike Wright, Telstra Group Managing Director, Networks says the telco has been providing PTT services to PSAs and business for many years and, as customers' needs change, the company is working to ensure they have "prioritised access and preferential treatment for voice and data services to help them keep the community safe".

Ericsson, Telstra, and The Fox Innovation Lab at 21st Century Fox will unveil a first-of-its-kind content delivery solution at Mobile World Congress 2017 that will pre-position personalized, premium movie content directly onto consumer devices, with no impact to device performance or consumer data plans.

"This technology will be crucial to improving the LTE-B experience for our customers". Expway delivers content efficiently and cost effectively through the last mile, from the mobile carrier antenna to the end-user device, with consistent high-quality-of-experience.

In 2017, Telstra will undertake a production pilot of MooD enabled delivery of streaming content.

Telstra selected Ericsson to support Telstra's Network of the Future transformation program.

Over three years, Ericsson will deliver for Telstra a new Optical transmission network which is essentially the behind the scenes superhighway for all our wireless and mobile communications with Telstra. Our expanded optical network will support important emerging network capabilities such as IoT, 5G and enhanced media delivery. "Starting with the nationwide optical network, to advancing mobile networks with 5G radio trials, and progressing the shift to cloud network functionality and enabling new specialized workloads; together we are putting the network fundamentals in place for Telstra's Network of the Future program", Romero said.



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