Woman's Warning About Windshield Shirt Goes Viral

An eagle-eyed woman is warning others about a risky set-up created to lure drivers out of their cars to be robbed by criminals waiting outside.

A MI woman says she was leaving her job at the mall when she says she saw a flannel shirt wrapped around her windshield wiper.

Noticing there were two cars nearby, one of which was running, Hardacre knew she couldn't remove the shirt by getting out, so she instead drove away before wrestling it off. At first I thought maybe someone had just thrown it on my auto for some odd reason. She quickly got in and immediately locked the door behind her, but after she did, she found a blue flannel shirt thrown over her windshield and tucked underneath a windshield wiper.

She said she had recently heard about people findings items placed on wiper blades exactly like this. Hardacre drove to a safe location before removing the shirt. I don't know why the shirt was on my auto but it had to have been intentional the way it was put on there. I really can't think of another reason as to why someone would put it on my vehicle.

She posted a picture of the shirt on Facebook and an explanation of what had happened. Ashely Hardacre said she was frightened but unharmed after discovering a shirt on her windshield. "A lot of people think it is fake or it won't happen to them".

Eric Almoney: "OMG so glad you're safe".

Hardacre said she posted the photo to warn others, adding that "it can happen to anyone".

Even though it may have been nothing, police are looking into this, given the attention surrounding Hardacre's post.

Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wangler told CBS News he contacted Hardacre after he saw her post on social media.

"Nothing like this has ever happened before", Wangler told CBS News. "As women, we need to be a little more aware of our surroundings and make sure that we know what we're walking into, just even our own house or our own auto". "There have been no other incidences like this".



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