Finally! Spectacles are available online

Finally! Spectacles are available online

The limited and exclusive release proved to be successful such that Snap is now selling its video-recording Spectacles to more consumers. Users can shoot around 100 ten-second clips on the Spectacle's internal storage that are dropped into Snapchat's Memories section. Ordering the smartglasses today would secure one with a pair that's due to arrive two to four weeks later.

For $129.99, the glasses, sold in coral, black and teal colored frames, let wearers film "snaps" at the touch of a button. Do note though, that you can spend $10 to $50 - depending upon whether you want to pick up charging chords or a charging case to go with the spectacles, both of which will no longer be listed on Amazon. There may also be Spectacles available on other sites like Amazon or eBay, but they are most likely secondhand products.

The information is then sent directly to Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. According to CNET, they were also sold for a brief moment at a pop-up shop in New York City, which is now closed.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has said that the response to the company's Spectacles has been positive.

The thing to note when it comes to the lower valuation of Snap that it is still set very high relative to their sales. In the document, Snap noted that Spectacles did not generate significant revenue for the company.

They launched last September and were popular in part, because they were cheaper and more approachable than Google's high-end Glass wearable. The eyeglasses are always on and the LED ring on the front of the glasses turns on once the video start recording.

The service has shined in the USA market where iOS dominates, but struggles in other parts of the world where Android rules.

To do, you had to open to the Spectacles home page and click the Find A Bot link, which used to direct you to a map showing you where Spectacles-dispensing Snapbots can be found, or a countdown of the time until their next location was revealed.



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