Shark attack at Cardwell leaves man with serious leg injuries

A teenager has been seriously injured after being bitten by a shark in far north Queensland.

ABC reports that he'd jumped off a boat into the water when he was bitten on the left leg and suffered severe blood loss and loss of consciousness. He has since been listed in critical but stable condition.

In Cardwell, Dickson was rushed by helicopter to Cairns Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

He is expected to be taken to a hospital in either Cairns or Townsville.

A young father-of-two was saved by his friends after he was mauled by a shark on a spearfishing trip off the north coast of Australia.

"Glenn has a long battle ahead with his recovery after a shark bite to his leg - an attack that could have potentially been fatal if it wasn't for the quick thinking of his good mates whilst out on a leisurely fishing trip in the lovely North Queensland, " the page explained. One of Dickson's friends, who was a former officer in the navy and who had medical training, made and applied the tourniquet credited with saving Dickson's life until he could have emergency surgery.

One of Dickson's close friends, Simeon Ballantyne, said he was shocked to hear about Dickson getting attacked by a shark.

'He's a caring person who is always there for his mates and family and is loved by many. Lee is expecting their third child.

The 19-year-old man was attacked off Point Hinchinbrook boat ramp in the Australian town of Cardwell at about 10.30am local time on Saturday.



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