Darrelle Revis turns himself in to Pittsburgh authorities

NFL player Darrelle Revis at the Rolling Stone Live Houston presented by Budweiser and Mercedes Benz

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis turned himself in to authorities Friday a day after he was charged in connection with a fight in Pittsburgh last weekend. Revis also has been charged with a misdemeanor count of terroristic threats.

Revis faces four felony charges - including aggravated assault and robbery - and one misdemeanor charge stemming from an incident in Pittsburgh early last Sunday morning.

Revis, who made his initial court appearance Friday night, could be subject to discipline from the NFL if he is found to have violated the league's personal conduct policy.

Police say the 22-year-old man and the 21-year-old man claimed they were punched and knocked out. Cousins told police that once Revis realized he was being recorded, he "pulled the phone" from Cousins' hand and "attempted to delete the video".

An argument occurred afterwards, and an unidentified man came over to assist Revis.

Revis clenched his fists and asked a man, "Do you want to be next?" after two his friends were knocked unconscious in a South Side street fight Sunday, according to a police report obtained by PennLive.

Cousins said Revis started "walking away from him headed eastbound on Carson Street while he was recording him" and "wanted to get what Revis was wearing and his actions on video", the complaint said. Witnesses told police the two men were unconscious for about 10 minutes.

Zacheriah Jarvis, a 21-year-old from Ross Township, Pennsylvania, who is Cousins' roommate, helped retrieve the phone, police said.

"He wanted to turn himself in, he didn't want to be a fugitive from the law", Jones told the Post-Gazette.

A third male present, Nathan Watt, said after Cousins and Jarvis were punched, Revis said, "I've got more guys coming".

West said Revis and the other man fled the scene as he attempted to wake Cousins and Jarvis.

Attorney Blaine Jones said Saturday in a text message that while he was hired for the pre-indictment phase of the case, he would not be representing the Jets cornerback going forward. Jones said in the statement that Revis was assaulted at that location by "at least five people" and that Revis sought medical attention afterward. Suffice it to say, Revis's days as an elite cornerback are over.

The 31-year-old corner returned for his second season in NY last year on his second go-round with the team, playing in 15 games.

The Jets said they were aware of the incident but had no other immediate comment.



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Police also say two others claimed that they were punched and knocked out during that incident itself by Revis and his helper. A third male present, Nathan Watt, said after Cousins and Jarvis were punched, Revis said "I've got more guys coming".

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