Italian restaurateur has brilliant idea to award polite children

A receipt shows the discount given to a well-behaved family

This Italian restaurant is saying "grazie" to good parents by giving them discounts on their final bills for their well-behaved children.

Ferrari rewarded the group with a 5% sconto, and has since bestowed the same discount on two other families with well-mannered children. In a Facebook post, Ferrari marvels that "it's just so unusual" to see such well-behaved children in a restaurant.

The caption reads: "It happens so seldom!" Unsurprisingly, the Italian restaurant's "polite children" discount has evoked all sorts of responses from the public, with some welcoming the initiative and others resentful of the idea of outsiders judging their parenting.

Mr Ferrari, who does not have children, said he was not attempting to pass judgement on people's parenting adding: "I imagine how hard it is today". "I acted instinctively, it was unbelievable to see how they interacted with each other in that table, with such composure". The children were reportedly doing maths homework and colouring in activities while the adults talked and drank wine.

After such a civil display, Ferrari chose to offer the family a five percent discount. The owner actually admitted to Corriere Della Sera that his inspiration came from a bar he had recently visited in Miami.

The discount did not go unnoticed as The Guardian reported that the family left a big tip. "I'd definitely offer the discount again, but I don't want to make it an official promotion or offer because that's not the point".

The restaurant will continue to bestow the discount on dining parties with well-mannered children and hopes the novel solution will encourage patrons with disruptive children to rein them in.



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