This School District Just Disinvited Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Devos has no degrees in education, has never attended a public school, and has demonstrated outright hostility towards the entire system of public education.

Since Trump announced his intent to nominate her in November, the appointment garnered nationwide controversy, which hasn't settled down since DeVos began her duties.

Both senators opposed DeVos' nomination over the Republican mega-donor's ties to charter schools and voucher programs, which could potentially gut public school programs. With Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, if Bevin were to propose charter schools it would nearly seem inevitable for Kentucky to embrace them. In our view, she's utterly unqualified for the position and should not have been nominated. Historically, private schools do not fare well in economically depressed areas, and the quality of education, curriculum, and instruction will suffer under DeVos if a policy of market-driven schools is pursued.

At the meeting were two invitees from traditional public schools, and one from a public school that specializes in special education.

Her confirmation had been tied 50-50 in the Senate before Vice President Pence cast the tie-breaking vote for her. Was it around the time that the teachers unions became the biggest funder of Democratic candidates? She has never worked in education a day in her life. "That will hurt teachers and students as a whole". "She hasn't even stepped foot in an elementary school, let alone spent actual time with students". After school activities like theater, music, art - that's always the first to go. Someone at the U.S. Education Department, now led by Secretary Betsy DeVos, does, too. "Why, in 2017, are we still questioning parents' ability to exercise educational choice for their children?" Tyler Reed, a history major and sophomore, voiced similar concerns about the use of federal funding. If in doubt, all we need to convince ourselves of the truth of his statement is to compare our public schools located in affluent communities with those in poor Latino or black neighborhoods. "Then public schools are left with tougher kids to educate and fewer resources and then everyone says the public schools are doing horribly".

"The servers hosting our website are experiencing technical issues. There are other departments where Trump appointees could do way more damage", said Reed.

To what extent that undoing will happen is still unclear, but arguably the most contentious regulations that covered accountability are already on the chopping block, not just by new leadership in the Department of Education, but by Congress itself.



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