Matt Damon Dresses as Tom Brady and Sneaks Onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

When a five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback asks to be on your late night show, you let him on, but that led to a grievous "security breach" at Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kimmel's "archenemy" Matt Damon getting on the show Monday evening.

Kimmel welcomed Damon as Brady, dressed in his No. 12 Patriots uniform.

After 14 years of being blown off in the dressing room, Matt Damon finally beat Jimmy Kimmel at his own game.

"I just haven't had time to change because I've been fired up", Damon replied.

Kimmel, disappointed, labelled Damon an "intruder" and had him escorted off the set.

When his guest refused to remove his "lucky helmet" he swiftly yanked it from his head to revealing, none than Matt Damon. I'm not gonna take it off. "This is happening. I'm on the Jimmy Kimmel Show". I'm on the show'.

The late night host then kicked the actor off the show and explained that because he did not sit down on the couch, he would not be counted as a guest.

However it did not end there as NFL Network host Rich Eisen interviewed an elated Damon backstage as the star sprayed champagne everywhere in celebration. We say "appears" because Kimmel is disputing the appearance due to the lack of a sofa for Damon and the fact that he had to sneak on as someone else to be there.



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