Framingham Police Warn Against Netflix Scam


Netflix users are being targeted by a new phishing scam, created to trick them into handing over their login credentials and credit card details.

Warn police, "If you are a Netflix customer and you receive an email asking you to update your membership information, don't respond!"

Last year, a similar scam targeted users in the United Kingdom who were sent phony emails for purchases they hadn't made in an attempt to get them to hand over credit card details.

FireEye Labs posted a story this week about a phishing scam.

Most companies will never ask for details such as a National Insurance Number or bank card pin.

The move comes just days after a rise in Amazon-focussed email scams have been reported.

Users should also check the return address of the email, and the web address that the link sends you to.

"If you think that your account got hacked or in case you entered your personal details on what you believe to be a phishing page, you need to contact Netflix and your bank as soon as possible".

'They may create fake websites that look like Netflix, or send official-looking (but fake) emails asking you for personal information.

Hoodwinked users are typing in their payment details, date of birth, full name and where they live.

Once all details have been inputted, the user is then redirect to the genuine Netflix website.

Users, however, are still being warned to avoid any questionable emails purporting to have been sent from Netflix.

NETFLIX users are being scammed into handing over their bank details in a sophisticated "phishing" trick that may have already netted thousands of pounds.

Last month a separate scam appeared that claimed Netflix subscriptions had been made on users' Apple ID accounts.



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