Ellen DeGeneres & Jessica Biel Give Justin Timberlake a Surprise Phone Call!

Justin Timberlake’s Reaction to Jessica Biel’s Fake Pregnancy News

On Monday, Jessica Biel appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", and together, they chose to have a little fun with Biel's husband, Justin Timberlake.

Whether you've seen pictures from Biel's evening out at the Staples Center or not, but she, uh, was certainly in the dancing mood with husband Justin Timberlake.

"Literally every year we're married I'm looking for that thing he really sucks at", she told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday's show, after watching him sink multiple half-court basketball shots on a video.

After asking Timberlake what he was doing - making sweet potato fries for his son Silas, the "king of the house" - DeGeneres let him know he'll soon be making fries for two.

Well, JT wasn't buying it, and he had the most savage and flawless response after hearing he had another child on the way.

We are now making sweet potato fries for the king of the house.

Later in the show, Jessica and Ellen made a decision to prank Justin, who was at home with son Silas. In response to the photo, Ellen quipped, "That means you're pregnant". "You watch her realize she has a gear she [thought she] didn't have and then you go, 'Woah, yeah'". However, Justin jokingly dismissed it by stating, "I can't wait to find out whose it is!"



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