Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Will Debut Vegeta And Bulma's Second Child

Of course, fans of the Dragon Ball \/em franchise will know who this second child is.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 has a title of "For the Sake of Those he Loves!" Barry Karn wants revenge for Gohan stealing his role and his fury will escalate as Watagash, the parasitic criminal, takes control of his mind. The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!' will surely focus on the hero's return and the possible troubles that he will encounter now that he has started to fight evil again. Watagashi comes to Earth to wreak havoc upon mankind.

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 has no title yet, but its synopsis reads that as Goku grows bored without a training partner, Chi-Chi calls up Gohan. The Great Saiyaman has returned in this episode and it is said that he will continue to protect the city in the next episodes of this arc.

According to ComicBook, Chi-Chi might be too desperate to preoccupy Goku upon asking Gohan to fight.

We've had dozens of Dragon Ball games (mostly from publisher Bandai Namco) for just about every console, from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the modern machines like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here, Kuririn will be the new training partner of Goku to ease his boredom. The two will head to the Turtle Hermit who will ask them to bring "Paradise Grass" as part of their training. They will eventually meet previous villains like Frieza, Majin Boo, Cell, and other old adversaries. This episode will be aired on January 29.

Brief Synopsis and Spoilers: Goku willto Vulma's house with Whis and he will notice that her belly has gotten bigger. They will learn that she is pregnant and is about to give birth which will make Vegeta in panic. This episode will be released on February 5.



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