What are Samsung's QLED TVs - and why should you care?

What are Samsung's QLED TVs - and why should you care?

Powered by Quantum dots and LED technology, the new Q7, Q8 and Q9 series of TVs can produce brighter and more diverse colors.

Amid heated competition over the solution for the best living-room picture quality, Han Sang-beom, vice chairman and chief executive officer of LG Display Co., thumbed his nose at local archrival Samsung Electronics' latest flagship 4K TVs in quantum dot-based backlight. The company is promising "best picture quality - ever", managing to spark great interest, with the new TV line being one of the most interesting things to see during this year's CES.

Samsung Electronics today announced that it has won more than 120 awards at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and continues to receive recognition in categories spanning the home entertainment, home appliance, and mobile categories. Samsung expects to see these figure increase even further, and past year joined the Global Virtual Reality Association as a founding member.

Another company rep, Won-Jin Lee, also spoke on Samsung's entertainment options, with a new smartphone app called Smart View launching as a virtual remote, on both iOS and Android and a promise that more 4K content would be made available in 2017 in the USA as "TV Plus". Even at peak QLED luminance values (1,500-2,000 nits) the new TVs are able to show the most subtle color differences.

What are Samsung's QLED TVs - and why should you care?
What are Samsung's QLED TVs - and why should you care?

Kim also emphasized that Samsung will let other companies use the name of "QLED" freely as it is a common noun. A "Studio Stand" makes the TV look like "a painting on an easel", while a "Gravity Stand" makes the TV look like a "contemporary sculpture", according to Samsung. The new QLED TVs will also be "smart" and will offer up connectivity to the user's smartphone via the "Smart View" app.

Two new features are Music and Sports.

The Korean company is yet to announce the price and the date of availability of any of the TVs in the Q series.



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