Skier Killed in Glacier National Park Avalanche Identified

Skier Killed in Glacier National Park Avalanche Identified

Parsons was an avid and skilled outdoors adventurer who competed in mountain bike and ski mountaineering races. He and a companion were skiing on the south face of Mt. Stanton, and were approximately 500 feet from the summit. He had been skiing with two companions, who were unharmed.

GNP spokeswoman Lauren Alley says the 911 call came in around 3:15 after a skiing companion witnessed the avalanche. He was able to call from his cell phone.

According to the press release, the call confirmed parsons was severely injured, but that he was found, kept warm until medical help could arrive.

Two Bear Air, a privately owned search and rescue helicopter, responded to the incident while the ALERT Air Ambulance staged at the base of Stanton Mountain, on the north end of Lake McDonald. Park rangers also mobilized a ground search in the event the air rescue was unsuccessful.

Two Bear Air responded to the injured party's location shortly after 4 pm.

The victim has been identified as 36-year-old Benjamin Parsons of Kalispell, MT. Thirty-six-year-old Ben Parsons was an accomplished endurance athlete, a firefighter in Whitefish and a youth mentor at Ridge Mountain Academy. The investigation is ongoing.

Parsons' death was the ninth-recorded avalanche fatality in Glacier National Park since the park was established in 1910.



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