NASA astronauts install power upgrade on ISS

At 56 courageous Peggy Whitson becomes oldest woman to perform spacewalk

On Friday, Jan. 13, Mr. Kimbrough will head out again with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency.

Two spacewalking astronauts working outside the International Space Station Friday completed work to replace aging batteries in one of the lab's eight main solar power circuits.

With this, Epps will become the first African-American space station crew member when she launches on her first spaceflight in May 2018.

"The space station will benefit from having them on board", said Cassidy.

"We're trying to keep that experiment going". These new ones are cheaper, have a lighter mass and should last longer than the older batteries.

The three cosmonauts worked on an array of station maintenance tasks and advanced space experiments. Plus, NASA was beginning to run into some issues with parts for the nickel-hydrogen batteries according to Kenneth Todd, the ISS Operations Manager. They've spent a total of six hours and 32 minutes floating in space, as a whole world watched their artistic performance. To integrate the new lithium-ion batteries into the existing power system, the astronauts also had to install adapter plates.

Lithium-ion battery cells made in Japan have been installed on the International Space Station. "Therefore, we need to build larger tools that have specially designed handles and triggers that make it easier for them to work in their suits". Robotic work to update the batteries began in January. She will remain for about six months. Nine older Ni-Hydrogen batteries will be shipped off with the next cargo craft which will depart from the station for disposal. At that point, the channel 3A battery upgrade will be complete. It will then plunge back into the atmosphere and disintegrate over the Pacific Ocean. "Lucky for Shane and (me)!"



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